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2K10 "New Philosophy" Sliders

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1 2K10 "New Philosophy" Sliders el Sáb 31 Oct 2009 - 10:39

Arrow Voy a empezar una liga y estoy mirando cuales seran los mejores sliders ceo recordar que soni puso algo por hay pero no los e encontrado por lo que abro este post para ver si entre todos hacemos unos guapos

2K10 "New Philosophy" Sliders


Difficulty - (I still use) AllStar. (Superstar works too)
Quarter Length - 10 Minutes
Fatigue - On
Injuries - On
Clutch Factor - Off
Real Free-Throw % - Off
Gamespeed - 45
Free-Throw Difficulty - 50

Charging Foul - 100
Blocking Foul - 75
Reaching Foul - 70
Shooting Foul - 80
Loose-Ball Foul - 100

Inside Shot Success - 44 / 40
Close Shot Success - 44 / 40
Mid-Range Shot Success - 45 / 45
Three-Point Shot Success - 48 / 48
Layup Success - 45 / 45
Dunk Success - 43 / 45
Dunk In Traffic Success - 45 / 47

Steal Success - 50 / 45
Help Defense Strength - 45 / 75

ATTRIBUTES Attributes never decrease below 45 or increase above 55. Exception; Quickness.
Quickness - 20 / 10 *Playmakers Credit*
Vertical - 49 / 47
Strength - 50 / 50
Stamina - 50 / 50
Durability - 50 / 50
Hustle - 50 / 50
Ball Handling - 49 / 48
Hands - 49/ 48
Dunking Ability - 46 / 46
On-Ball Defense - 48 / 53
Stealing - 47 / 46
Blocking - 54 / 54
Offensive Awareness - 50 / 50
Defensive Awareness - 50 / 55
Offensive Rebounding - 45 / 45
Defensive Rebounding - 55 / 55
Clutch Factor - 45 / 45
Consistency - 50 / 50
Injury Severity - 50 / 50

TENDENCIES Tendencies never decrease below 45 or increase above 55. Two exceptions, Commit Fouls, Throw Alley Oops
Take Inside Shots - 50 / 46
Take Close Shots - 50 / 46
Take Mid-Range Shots - 50 / 52
Take Three-Point Shots - 50 / 50
Attack The Basket - 50 / 51
Look For Post Players - 50 / 52
Throw Alley-Oops - 40 / 25
Attempt Dunks - 45 / 47
Attempt Putbacks - 47 / 47
Throw Flashy Pass - 45 / 45
Commit Fouls - 100 / 50
Play Passing Lanes - 48 / 46
On-Ball Steals - 51 / 51
Contest Shots - 53 / 53
Backdoor Cuts - 47 / 45

Other MUST Tweaks
1. Defensive Assist - 0 (via the My Controller options menu...I don't recommend 5, 10, 15...only ZERO)
2. Player Speed - 55. At the pre-game screen (where you can select controllers), press [triangle] (ps3) and change.

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2 Re: 2K10 "New Philosophy" Sliders el Sáb 31 Oct 2009 - 22:11

inside shot 46/45-you can still hit the open ones in the paint but wit a hand in your face a lil harder-too many layups missed this should help
close shot 46/44
mid-range success 48/46-kobe can now hit the open shot
3pt success47/45-lil boost to help outside shooting was dreadfull
layup success 48/47-too many layups missed easiest shot in the game was harder than it should be
dunk success49/49
dunks in Traffic 25/20--this allows for dunks in traffic a realistic amount of times and only by players with high dunk ratings like kobe or lebron...

steal success 0/10--
Help Def strength 100/60 --cpu needs just a little help recovering on d too much is just cheese not enuff you'll never be able to draw a double team off shooters not even once


Quickness 16/10-cpu will stay with you step for step this allows you to at least be able to finish a fast break on a backcourt steal without them catching you in the open court all the time but you still cant' blow by them in half court every time-lil more quicker u complained and you was right i fixed it here

vertical 50/50
strength 50/50
Stamina 49/49-people complained they tired to easy and i agreed
Durability45/45-there was zero injuries ever unless i sim'd the game
Hustle 75/65-there arent enuff cpu defenders diving for loose balls on default on both sides..
Ball Handling 43/45-wasnt enuff iso motion on the old settings i had to change em
Hands 48/47-this puts all the backdoor passes rate of turnover more realistic..they sometimes fumble the passes and have to kick it back out
Dunk ability 37/37-rmakes only the top notch risers get they shine on couple mo junks tired of seein bunches of jump hooks
On Ball Def 60/38-the cpu almost never allows you freedom infact if you call a play you can barely get to the spot to run it correctly..this gives you some cush but allows you to play better man against the cpu's cheese like iso moves
Stealing 30/32-the nba leader in steals avg only 2.7 chris paul..there is a thin line between defence and cheese-fence had these switched
Blocking 47/47-too many jumshots gettin blked any higher considering lowering this one too
Off Awrnss 46/40 the players break to the rim too much on user teams you can backdoor the cpu all day and visa cpu always seems to hit the open man..not to mention..there's always an open man..damn..on the old settngs i had if you called a play the players would break the play and it never finishd bfore the shot clock this should fix it
Def Awrnss 75/100 the cpu however very hard to stop...seems to fall for the same thing over and over again..if you do a play they will let you get away with it time and time again..since the man on man is lowerd bump they def awareness up to 100 and yours to 70 this is for people who play on ball d MOST of the time..and a lil zone mixed in I boosted the cpu's off awareness +5 to compensate
Off Rebounding 0/0-i think this is broken..cpu always gets the off rebound and it's the shooter that pulls it down most time..on off they always pull it down and kick to the open shot ..whiles sometimes its enjoyable to play agains a smart seems to happen on almost every missed freethrow..turn it down to zero so the players off reb attribute is used more-so than the cpu determining who gets the board.
Def Rebounding 100/100..most rebounds are done defensively nba leader in off boards was 4.3 dwight howard..if you keep this at 50 you gonna see sg's with same result..
Clutch Factor 20/20this feat allows person behind to start hitting just because they behind..its okay until your in the lead then you miss every shot just because they loosing..this also will make you use your timeouts with more strategy-i realise that sometimes there are turning points in a game and in the nba everyone makes a run so this made runs realistic
Consistency 50/50
Injury Severity 43/46 they don't happen alot but when they do they happen horribly like shaun livingston horribly-wasn't getting any injuries at all-has anyone ever gotten injured anyways

All tendencies noted once are cpu only and user should remain on 50

take inside shots 0-cpu still takes it too the rack but they won't pass up the open j
take close shots 0-same as above
take midrange shots 90- makes them shoot more midrange non dunks non 3pt range shots..they shot chart still shows layups taken
take 3pt shots 23-cpu shoots like no other i even tried turning the 3's to zero on success rating didn't work they chucked them up and made them reguardless..lowering the tendency really helped
attack the Basket 0..cpu is a mastermind at iso motion they will break you down like legos and get to the paint and flush..not anymore..this at zero will allow them to get to the paint and get baskets but at a normal rate
Look for Post Players-60
throw alley oops 13-they lob all the times it's like nba jams sometimes or globetrotters vs. generals..lower it and it happens less
attempt dunks 45
Attempt putbacks 47..put back dunks are some of the coolest things i've seen on the game..too much though
Throw Flashy Passes 40..behind the back passes out of double teams...yeah the glass passes in half court...hahah yea right..see the globetrotter coment
Comit Fouls 100/76..the cpu players on the user team almost never foul you neverhave to worry about foul trouble..this helps same for cpu..they never get charges..or def 3 seconds you will see those now
Play Passing Lanes 26/26..cpu steals everything in the passing lanes..they still jump passes but now they might smack em out of bounds more often..remember leader in steals coment
Go For ON-Ball Steals 43/43- too much reachin instead of foot movement to get infront the ball handler..with the def awareness up this needs to go down
Contest Shots 33-cpu will blk every jumpshot imaginable..with this lower'd they will try to blk inside shots often but j's they will throw up a hand nba leader in blks howard 2.9 in real life not 10 like this game on default-i initially made this too low
Backdoor Cuts 10- the cpu will get 65% of they points this way..make em earn it or they will hit your backdoor as if you where jenna jameson..


DIfficulty -hall of fame
Quarter Length 12mins-did this for stat purposes only usually works on 7 mins quarters too
Fatigue on
injuries on
Clutch Factor on-change of heart..the motto this year is take the game over right..lebron kobe wade those guys can do that ima give em a chance
Gamespeed 48-gameplay faster this year than last..48 gives you time to set up plays on dfense actually pick your matchups on the fly and react to the screen plays
Free Throw difficulty 60-this is too easy makes you have to be perfect with shaq-this was too low percentage for shooting had to edit it

Nba rules

Shot clock on
out of bounds on
Backcourt on
8 sec half court on
2 in the key on
Def 3 in the key 0n
5 sec back to basket on
Goaltending on
Foul out on
charging foul 100-cpu never charges ..or never takes a charge in half court game
Blking foul 70-cpu will blk u every time in go the hole strong with reward by raising this
reaching foul 70-cpu doesn't swat but you d with your feet not your hands-there was too many fouls reaching tuned it down
Shooting Foul 85 -most star shooters get close to 7-10 fts per game..this makes this realistic..without it you lucky to get fouled 10 times a game total
Loose Ball foul 100-never happens without it at 100
Intentional Foul on
Kick ball on

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